Alcohol ! Addiction to alcohol or spirits is classified as one of the most important social pests plaguing many societies around the world,

as these drinks contain a high percentage of fermented substances that cause drunkenness or sugar,

which negatively affect the integrity of the mind and the strength of the body, Alcohol is divided into two main types,

which are fermented alcohols such as beer and distilled alcohols such as whiskey,

there are many sources alcohol between alcohol made from grains such as barley or corn, etc.

The main compound of alcohol, which is a pungent pilot liquid taste helps to change the mindset of the people.

Alcohol damage to the body

1- Alcohol causes feelings of nausea and vomiting, general weakness of the senses,

including blurring and weakness in vision, confusion and weakness in concentration and attention,

lack of self-control and control of emotions and feelings, heaviness in the tongue and a feeling of tiredness, weakness and weakness.

2- It causes headache and loss of consciousness, many long-term digestive system disorders,

and increases the likelihood of developing stomach problems, including ulcers.

3- It causes an apparent disturbance in the functioning of the brain and the nervous system,

negatively affects mental capacities and functions, and causes confusion, difficulties in thinking,

awareness and alertness, in particular by affecting the activity and strength of visual working memory and mental perception.

4- It causes acute inflammation of the pancreas and increases the risk of heart and brain disease and blockage of arteries and blood vessels, which poses a real threat to human life.

5- It causes very serious damage to the health and safety of the liver,

including exposure to alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is the accumulation of fat around the liver,

also causes the hepatitis problem, and The severity of these problems can result in liver damage, internal bleeding, and fluid buildup in the abdomen.

6- It leads to a clear imbalance of hormonal performance in the body and increases the possibility of developing different types of cancer, mainly breast and esophagus.

7- It negatively affects the health and beauty of the hair,

because it weakens the level of zinc and vitamins necessary for the health of hair follicles,

roots and scalp and increases the level of estrogen hormones, which causes loss, hair breakage and weakness.


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