Cat growth stages ! Cats are born by leaving the head before the other parts of the body.

There are cases where they are born upside down, and usually the number of cats that are born at the same time about four cats,

Others are one cat, and one birth can result in the birth of seven cats,

The birth of cats lasts at least half an hour during which the cats come out wrapped in a transparent film

which is delicately removed through the mother’s teeth and tongue,

And generally, the weight of a single cat at birth is about 142 grams, and its length is about 8 centimeters,

and thanks to the following, we will learn more clearly how cats grow and their stages of growth. .

Cat growth stages :

The age of the cat is up to six months :

• During this period, cats begin to grow quickly, but they cannot yet reach sexual maturity.

It is known that cats in their first weeks grow quickly,

as they are one of the fastest growing periods of all time.

As the cat in this period must be fully taken care of and that food arrives in sufficient quantity to develop significantly.

• After this period, cats start to leave their safety zone after the first month,

Next, the cat’s weight, size and growth will be determined by the nature of the food it reaches and also by the genetic nature.

The age of the cat is two years :

• This period of life is characterized specifically by the size of the cat,

because the cat around this period begins to acquire its natural size to a certain extent,

This is in addition to the beginning of life learning, and to face the risks and difficulties of life without harming it.

This period of the cat’s life is generally the same as human development when it reaches the age of fifteen.

By the sixth month of a cat’s age, its weight begins to increase significantly.

As it becomes around the sixth month of cats’ lives,

its weight begins to increase significantly, as it becomes around 2.3 kilograms.

• When the cat finishes its first year, its skeleton is completely finished.

Once the cat’s full sexual development and its sexual capacity increases around the age of about eight months.

Cats up to 10 years old :

• A cat at the age of six will be fully mature and physical and behavioral growth will be more developed than before.

• Cats in this age group are more active and flexible,

and have a great ability to pay close attention to their health and general diet.

• Cats at the age of ten are fully mature, as happens in humans when they are mature at the age of forty.

Cats up to 14 years old :

• fourteen year old cats are like a human being who has reached the age of seventy,

And the manifestations of declining life are important to them.

• After the tenth year of the cat’s life, growth begins to decline gradually, until it stops completely at this point.

• The activity that is characterized by cats begins to decrease significantly and permanently at this age.

• During this difficult period of the cat’s life, its nutritional and health needs must be greatly overestimated.

This is to protect it from the risk of aging.


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