Historical symbols

Historical symbols in world history, important historical figures, blessed by God,

They have multiple and distinct talents that differ from others and have been able to change their lives and those of the people around them,

Thanks to what they have accomplished useful achievements that we have never seen before,

To have the names of their owners engraved in the historical registers

From their achievements and their memories, people study what they have done to date

Because of its strong influence on the change of an aspect of life.

Characters Who Changed History

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is an Indian leader and politician with civil disobedience against British forces

he negotiated with until 1947 when India gained independence thanks to him,

He negotiated until 1947 when India gained independence thanks to him,

Then it became a symbol of popular resistance in various countries of the world

Paul Lattborough and Peter Mansfield

Paul Lattborough and Peter Mansfield are two doctors who invented MRI, which allowed doctors to see what’s going on in patients’ bodies.

Without having to open the device or expose themselves to harmful rays, these doctors won the 2003 Nobel Prize in medicine.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is a physicist born in 1879, and one of his most important achievements

In which he entered the door of history is his proof of general relativity in physics and the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921,

Although the United States of America used its achievements to develop the atomic bomb,

But he firmly believed in peace, and it was a week before his death,

He asked British philosopher Bertrand to put his name on a document urging all countries to abandon their nuclear weapons destroyer.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Italy and is one of the most important explorers to reach Western Asia

By sailing in the Atlantic Ocean, which was almost impossible at the time.

But he ventured in 1492 and sailed to Santa Maria to discover the Americans and prove his theory at the time that the world had changed, and this explorer died in 1506.

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare is one of the most famous playwrights born in Britain in 1564.

He has written and excelled in numerous love poems and plays in English.

The course of people’s lives with ideas that affected their minds.

George Lucas

George Lucas is a famous producer of Star Wars films with some digital cinematic innovations and tricks.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the author of the information revolution. Born in 1955, he founded his first computer program while he was in high school.

He was the founder of Microsoft Corporation in 1977, when he became a man who made history and changed the world.


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