No man can confuse the giraffe when he sees it,

It is the largest animal in the world. The length of a male giraffe can exceed five meters, three times the length of a person.

This is due to the length of its neck and its strength, and the giraffe is a mammal living in Africa,

Then we distinguish the giraffe in such a way that its back is tilted from its shoulders backwards,

and above it we also distinguish it by letting it fall into its skin.

Information about the giraffe :

It is often said that the giraffe’s neck and legs allow it to eat the leaves of the upper branches of the tree and thus reach the food that other animals are unable to reach,

But if you watch the giraffe eat, we find that it extends its neck horizontally parallel to its chest,

which means that it eats leaves from the center of the big tree,

It can also reach where other animals, with the exception of the elephant, fail to get the leaves of the plant with their long tongues and moving lips.

Another long neck of the giraffe has another advantage: the top of its head has two large eyes so that its head is like a high watchtower for alertness to danger.

Then her ears are also big, so we can assume she has strong hearing.

Although the giraffe is so large, it is not easy to see when it is in the trees.

His orange-red skin, with its spots, mixed with light and shades,

and the black line on the neck of his neck looked like a thin branch of a tree.

Enemies of the giraffe:

The only two enemies that the giraffe dreads are the lion and the leopard.

However, these two animals are reluctant to attack the giraffe if it is fully developed.

A group of lions can do this, or the lion can try to kidnap its cubs.

But it is also the danger of defending the giraffe in his kick.

If the lion attacks, the giraffe raises its front paw and strikes it with its heavy hoof. And how many lions lost their teeth when kicking a giraffe or defending their cubs,

The giraffe also has antlers, but these are small pods covered with hair, they usually have two pods and can have an opening at the front that looks like a third pod at the front.

It can have two additional horns at the back, which makes five horns in total.

Junior giraffe :

The female giraffe gives birth to a young female each time in March or April,

The young man can walk within an hour of his birth and run quickly in two or three days,

And if it is not weaned from breastfeeding before reaching the ninth month, a small giraffe must be able to run very young because the giraffes flee at the first sign of danger and accelerate their race.

Information about the giraffe


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