The most beautiful forest in the world! A group of forests scattered all over the world is distinguished by its charm and beauty.

Which helps bring them the wonderful nature of green and water,

The fauna, trees and shrubs of various shapes, and the atmosphere suitable for different visits,

By giving them a particular beauty, here is information about a group of the most beautiful forests in the world:

Al Mamoura Forest:

The Al Mamoura forest is located on the west side of the city of Rabat.

And more precisely on one of its plateaus, and its geographic area is 133 thousand hectares.

As for the surface of this plateau, it is made up of sandy mud,

There are many lawns that fall during winter and fall.

Amazon jungle:

The Amazon jungle is located on the territory of the South American continent,

It is classified in the world as the largest tropical forest, and is distinguished by its great wealth of plants and animals,

The Amazon jungle covers about nine countries and covers an area of 5.5 million square kilometers. The Amazon currently accounts for about half of the world’s tropical forests.

The most beautiful forest in the world

Black forest :

The Black Forest is located on the territory of the State of Germany,

The Romans called it the “Black Forest” because its pines were blocked by the sunlight from its land,

Which led to them turning into dark forests all the time, even in broad daylight,

The Black Forest is also called Schwarzwald and contains a valley called the Rhine valley.

Belgrade forests

The forests of Belgrade are located on Turkish territory,

More specifically in Istanbul, these forests are a major source of oxygen,

The forest area of Belgrade is 5300 hectares, and it contains 7 lakes,

It is connected to Istanbul with a group of bridges that span the water,

Belgrade’s forests also include hiking routes, many sports and cycle routes, as well as many cafes and restaurants.

Bologna Forest

it is a park located in France,

Specifically on the west side of the French capital, Paris,

It is characterized by the offer of many activities for tourists, such as:

Running, sport walking practiced by members of the population,

It also has good weather, and inside, the lovers of the lake,

It is characterized by the passage of the Seine over its territory, and its area is 8.5 square kilometers.

Tongas National Forest :

Tonga National Forest is the largest forest in the territory of the United States of America,

He is located in Alaska in particular, and takes care of and lives in his native lands belonging to Alaska.

The most beautiful forest in the world


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