The strangest 5 habits in the world ! The peoples of the world differ in strange and surprising customs and traditions,

which are considered to be superstitious habits that are not founded, but some still believe in them to this day.

1 – Eat the ashes of the dead in Brazil and Venezuela, which appears in the Yanomami tribe,

They depend on eating the ashes of the dead, and they do it because they believe it saves the dead.

2 – The coffins suspended in China, Indonesia and the Philippines are generally suspended in caves with very high walls,

It is a belief in them to protect them from animals and the blessing of this deceased person.

3 – The child threw less than two years from a height of 15 meters in India: believing that this brings them good luck and good luck,

It also guarantees them a disease-free life and guarantees them prosperity, wealth and old age,

It dates back to 7 centuries ago, and at the bottom there are more than 12 people holding a bed sheet to receive the child after his fall.

4 – The Masai tribe and Spit: The Masai tribe is found in Kenya and Tanzania,

but it is considered spitting in front of a close friend who indicates respect.

5- Giraffe women in Burma: Women in eastern Burma are distinguished by their long hugs,

and those who wear copper rings around their necks are called “the giraffe” to give the impression that they have a long neck.

What is considered a beauty in Kaya State, and it is a belief of them that these copper rings work to increase the length of the neck due to its weight,

which pushes the muscles around the collarbone and press on the chest to make the neck appear longer than it actually is,

And women in Kayah State start wearing metal rings or neck rings from the age of five, placing a long, spiral brass ring around their neck,

The winding process can take hours when copper is a solid metal and the weight of a full set of copper rings is 10 kilograms.

Very few currently wear a full set.


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