The strangest uses for toothpaste ! For many, toothpaste is only used because it only cleans teeth or also helps whiten teeth.

But this is a misconception as there are many other uses of toothpaste which can be somewhat strange

but useful for some and it is a list of the weirdest uses of toothpaste

The strangest uses for toothpaste

To eliminate odors from the hand :

Many people face the problem of feeling their hands after peeling onions or garlic,

What does not usually go away with hand washing, using a little toothpaste by applying it to hands and fingers

and then washing it well with water can effectively remove the odor from the hands.

Glass cleaning :

The effects of use appear quickly on sunglasses or diving glasses, because toothpaste can be used in this case,

Due to its ability to clean glass surfaces. The glasses return to their first condition with a small paste and a wet handkerchief.

Wall cleaning :

Many parents know about this problem, which is to leave your child for an hour,

Then you find his bedroom wall full of drawings using colored pens. Because the toothpaste in this case helps to solve this common problem,

As you can just put toothpaste on a piece of cloth and get wet with water then wipe the wall with it.

Nail polish :

The properties of toothpaste also help to clean and polish the nails, since daily cleaning of the nails with toothpaste gives them a clean and shiny appearance.

Toilet cleaning :

These surfaces often lose their shine even with constant cleaning with water.

Therefore, washing these surfaces with a damp cloth and a little toothpaste helps restore this luster, whether for glass or metal.

Carpet cleaning :

Carpet stains are one of the most stubborn and annoying stains. By using an amount of toothpaste appropriate to the size of the stain

and then brushing it with a cleaning brush, these stains will disappear.

But be careful here, as this method is suitable for woolen carpets and is not recommended in some other carpet materials.


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